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tv   Check-in - Winter Fun in Bavaria  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2018 7:02am-7:30am CET

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that handout budget cuts we are the sum of seven percent. want to shape the continent's future. to enjoy african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challengers. the seventy seven percent of. platforms for service charge. up a very in winter wonderland and a very warm welcome to this special edition of check in. there's no business like snow business as a look at the state guy tries his luck on a snow bike in the. top of that watch nicole slowly hike along the romantic
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wilderness of pasta gorge in the foothills of took spits a mountain. and towards the end of the show will be tagging along with a look at the state got to pass out in the event in forest. we kick off in the. amidst the peaks around able whole mountain. on the foot. of snow and mountains that's where i'm heading i'm getting closer to the most southern point of germany the algo alps. the algo is a popular holiday region even in winter especially in winter in fact. well with all is located over there it's the winter sports center of the algo region in southern
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germany a perfect starting point for discovering the area i want to go up the mountains and of course come down in one piece i'll be on skis and on the snow by i look forward to lots of nature at ventures galore. stall fest mediƦval origin. and. now attracts over two million overnight guests every year i want to know what draws them here. bush knows guaranteed because it's so beautiful the skiing is fantastic it's just a lot of fun here. because of the snow and i want to show my girlfriend. the first tourists arrived here in the late nineteenth century. or bust all the fish really has a therapeutic climate it's a quality seal in germany given to places with among other things
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a certain air quality and spa facilities. the local history museum is set up in an x. farmhouse where visitors can learn about the area. and marvel at the big leather ski boot in the world. you can also find out how skiing first came to a bus stall. and skiing is the reason i'm here. cold feet. it's been over ten years since i last put on skis so i spoke to a few hours with a real instructor. hello yes there
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was a look and there he is this is alex i warned him that i'm pretty much a total beginner so we'll have to start from scratch. and i'll explain the basics and then we're off conditions are perfect. well i'm a little nervous because it's all new to me boys that's why i'm here we'll take it easy. but. my god what is this have to do with skiing a lot we have to push down and tilt the ski with every step and we're putting our weight on it because. after an hour i've learnt the basics and we start as sandy.
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and then down here. i. think it's a lot of fun but you have to be very careful plus i don't think that i'm a natural. now i need to preach even though i'm at the top often even on two thousand two hundred metres and in the middle of nature i don't have to sacrifice on comfort to keep on top of the competition everything here has been renovated faster ski lifts for example and
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this trendy new restaurant right at the summit. of. course there are other winter sports on offer in the algo alps besides ski can snowboarding and alex just go. you show me one. so this is an alternative to skiing is it more fun or less easier or harder what should i watch for. that's what we basically it's like riding a bike but with one main difference we have no brakes but we still have to slow down either by digging our heels into the snow. as we do so with more of my curving back and forth like with skiing. and you do know how to ski. and let's go.
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it's working. something like even managed to pull of a snowball like. my day in the elbow alps is almost over now it's time for the end pretty skinny party and all of us golf you'll find plenty of venue was for a relaxing drink with like minded people.
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i. like the snow the elves and of course that special feeling at the end of the day when you know you really accomplished something i'm tired. now i know why the is one of germany's favorite holy their regions is specially in winter. of a very and when to wonder. if there's chicken special edition takes us to germany's highest mountain. yeah rasputin finn three thousand meters off and i wasn't going to stop me cold girlish from venturing apia.
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charming painted houses and snow capped mountains i'm in the very out on my way to that. today i'm going to kill it straight germany's highest mountain and gorge all of it in and around one of the country's most popular destinations for winter sports. but the thing i'm most excited about is right behind the new cable car will take me to the top no talk. here i am at the foot of the visit excited to board the brand new cable car which went into operation in december twenty seventeen. the new state of the art cabins can hold up to one hundred twenty people let's hope that this will reduce waiting time in line
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especially on the weekend. and in just ten minutes we reached the summit at a breathtaking two thousand nine hundred sixty two meters. on clear days you can see all the way to switzerland and even italy it's a panorama that draws more than half a million people here every year. where you for i'm from russia ok what brings you to the two expects it's a day in motion fantastic in motion this is my first time in dirt slanted this is my first time to speak it's so fun to us to it is my first time i love it since the first time i've been in the glacier balls so this is very exciting but what's your plan for the day here you think we're going to stay a pair have some beer and do the german thing. was for me is it
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me you don't look like you're going skiing i mean if i were going sledding i will take the cable car down and go sledding on the toboggan rock it's a bunch of the fun. but a lot of people do come here to ski and if you haven't got equipment of your own you can rent it right here. this ski resort was established in one thousand nine hundred forty nine five different lifts give you access to twenty kilometers of slopes.
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i'm now at the patna a mountain river fed by the melt water from the six beds that over the centuries the river eroded the rocks and left behind and koreans.
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i'm meeting let us ask them he's been custodian of the pot enough gorge for eighteen years. he didn't you tell us a little about what you do. taking the other to avoid that we have a fairly standard routine every day before we open the door which my staff conduct a thorough safety inspection they make sure all of the pathways and railings are intact sometimes they have to remove trash or debris if there's a problem of any kind they phone me and i have to decide whether it can be solved quickly and easily or whether we have to close the gorge at short notice on full flight or put this in the mighty companies now if i do that after all these years you probably know the gorge better than anyone in garmisch patent creation or even the whole world what's so fascinating about the partner. is this for. the gorge has a different ambiance in every season and even in different times of the day if
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you're here at seven in the morning it's not a troll like two thirty or three in the afternoon. that i eat and some of the sun shines and the birds are singing. as i think the law you just reflected in a literal. i know i'm here at seven am all alone it's just on the phone is winning the league of moves he knew he didn't. like the fact that it's always different as a. this does see him on the things but when do you like it best and tell you honestly when it's just below flood level dunks doggedness well after it's been raining hard and the pockmarked is full to brimming with a nature takes over it's fun because then you're really in wild pristine nature but that's when i like it best.
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the city of garbage pardon kitchen was once two separate communities the towns were joined in one thousand nine hundred thirty six but both still retain very individual identities patent is the older of the two situated along a trade route from venice to alex book it was founded by the romans over two thousand years ago. lou take shots over that historic facades that is its central showpiece. founded about eight hundred years later garmisch isn't as old and grand more like a quirky little sister with lots of pedestrian zones shops and restaurants because it is the. fuel to. the open. and what better way to end an enjoyable visit to god. there are loads of taverns that serve delicious german cuisine i decided to
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go for a classic spezza with the bit of traditional folk dancing on the side. up . during major break a trip to the mountain paradise of. turn out to be and mazing idea up on that so expensive i got to take a breather with the incredibly fresh and at least a bit thin air and even down here in the valley there are plenty of ways to recharge your batteries the perfect getaway. and lucas is going to explore more of the very in winter with us the last stop of our check in special edition is the very end forest and the iraq city.
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it's known as the city of three rivers passaro in southeastern germany this is where the danube it is reverse meet. and right in the middle of it all is a beautiful old town. the rivers are both a blessing and a curse they've made past all prone to floods but for centuries the waterways were important trading routes the wealth brought to the city is reflected in its architecture. for example the first it's almost eight hundred years old and one of the largest surviving mediƦval fortress complexes in europe. from the top there's a great view over the city of three rivers. i've always wanted to visit possible
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because of its special location and of course when i'm here i'll do a hike in the bavarian forest a popular this the nation not too far from. us all is not only been. shaped by its three rivers the city's former rulers also lift their mark with their mcniff ison churches and castles their story is told in the festival balls museum it's closed during the winter and reopens in mid march but they let me inside for a look. this is where in twelve seventeen bushel pyrrhic the second was given the title of prince bishop by the emperor of the bishops of possible became the spiritual and secular rulers over the city for generations the first overalls was home to the prince bishops. in the museum you can find out how puzzles old town was built in the seventeenth
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century most of the houses burnt down so it tell you architects were called to rebuild the city in baroque style and that's how they designed possible. possibles publicity brochures described it as the fairy in venice and it's true with its italian that flair and narrow lanes it's one of the prettiest cities in bavaria. it has many striking churches and monasteries there are about fifty in all the bishopric of possible once extended as far as hungry. st stephen's cathedral is in the middle of the old town the fact that it's one of germany's largest parag churches becomes specially evident once you're inside. everything here testifies to the wealth and power of prince bishops.
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cathedrals oregon is famous with its seventeen thousand nine hundred seventy four pipes. the largest off its kind in the world. the town hall is also designed in italian style but the definitely the variant. on the tower there are markers showing flipped over the past centuries it's hard to imagine. was. now i mean. from the ongoing artist association you'll be giving me a tour of a narrow street parallel to the danube it's where many artists have their studios.
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is very popular with visitors specially in the summer and. all the houses here date from the middle ages and our list of buildings. and. special of old vegas. tourist walks are here and we want to attract their attention. we have lots of studios and we want to try to make art more accessible. to nations all these nations in one small space and it works beautifully. with.
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many exhibitions. and. that's. why i say goodbye to him and my appointment with another artist she also has a studio in a voltage building it's eight hundred years old. this is pretty interesting krista gutting our selves hand painted porcelain. in the mirror maybe you could show me how it's done the lawn the mile you have to lace sure let's grab a piece. with a brush we take a porcelain lit thing i has already outlined the design for me so now i'm going to try and paint it like approach. one and then gently with the tip this number first yes you have to try with the tip and use pressure to
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fill in the leaf. so. i can add more wood was to. yeah but don't apply to thick otherwise when it's fired it'll get bubbles in it and come off. good. you know so you apply it in several layers yes and with those layers you can also add tints and light and shadow. and done. but i should be proud right of course. my journey continues i have left paso and i'm on my way to the very end forest just an hour away from the city the region is a popular destination for hiking skiing and relaxing.
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the very end forest is a low mountain range a hundred kilometers in length on the border between the various and the czech republic the national park is in the south of the forest here it's allowed to grow as nature intended without human intervention. the tree top walk is one of the highlights of the bavarian forest it's open all year round. the walkway extends through the forest between eight and twenty five meters above the ground. what does the forest sound like what animals live here at seven learning stations
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you can find out more about the life and habitat of the forest for extra fun there are other activities like balance beams and adventure trails. by the highlight with the emphasis on high is to treat our. this part of the wall rises in the spiral circling around three ancient trees. at the top there is a viewing platform forty four meters above the ground. in general you have a great view from up here over the bavarian forest unfortunately not today anyway i enjoyed coming up here and this is where my tour of the bavarian forest and if you're a traveler like me i'd like to check out new this nation every day please take
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a look at our instagram account d w travel see you next. she's sixteen years old homes are own business and is helping to prevent water shortages in south africa. something about the water being wasted on her parents. so she installed an aqua phonics system. it's a simple idea that's really sad example. africa. rocket
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man is on a suicide mission for. the u.s. president to ridicule him. but his new song song calls for. him show news testing the world's pain. but just on dangerous on his weapons as. most korea's missile system a tough one since kim jong. un's longing to leave. germany state by state. the most colorful. a life lived. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany by state. on w dot com. on the verge of
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a new warning. a new movie premiere of. this year's security conference takes place at a time of great insecurity internationally leaders will meet covering all the munich security conference on. hello and welcome to a fresh edition of ecord africa brought to you by charles de dice of allen k d n my name is.


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